"I partner with those who believe their health is their greatest wealth and it is their responsibility to look after it! How healthy are you physically, mentally, and financially?" Let's talk!

Life will always bring storms and some storms we have no choice but to walk through them. As a survivor of a lower limb amputation, double mastectomy due to breast cancer, and domestic violence; I help inspire and motivate people by educating them to help calm their fears of the unknown and raise their hopes for a brighter more fulfilling future. Our thoughts and expectations hold tremendous influence and power in our lives. We may not get what we deserve in life, but we usually get more than we expect! Ernest Hemingway once said, "The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong from the broken places." 

I began my business from the compassion I have for others that are struggling in the midst of their personal "life-changing" adversities. Two major areas that I assist people with while going through their storms of life; one is how to address their fear by educating them in a healthy manner that brings perpetual peace in their hearts and minds. The second area is spa treatments that helps them to relax. Studies have shown the healing properties of being touched can actually help lessen pain, improve immune system functionality, improve pulmonary function, increase growth and development, and lower blood glucose.

My scope of expertise: 
*Educator - health (PTSD, autoimmune, cancer, amputations, traumas)  
*Speaker - weathering the storms and starting over 
*Cellular Health Consultant
*Licensed Skin Care Professional 
*Oncology trained Aesthetics
*Spa Services 
*Published Author
My contact information:
[email protected]
(602) 750-8282

How I help others through their storms
"Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots" 
Dolly Parton